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In the quiet corridors of hospitals, where the air smells of antiseptic and hope, there exists a battle that transcends mere illness. It’s a battle fought by the smallest warriors—the children. Their courage knows no bounds, and their laughter echoes through the sterile walls, defying the odds stacked against them.

Our Purpose: To End Childhood Cancer
We stand on the precipice of change, hearts entwined with purpose. Our mission is etched in the colors of resilience and compassion. Here’s how we wield our collective strength:
  • Raising Awareness: We become the storytellers—the ones who refuse to let childhood cancer hide in shadows. We paint the world with hues of understanding, ensuring that every person knows the weight of these little lives.
  • Supporting Families: In the quiet moments when parents hold their breath, waiting for test results, we stand beside them. We offer more than financial aid; we offer solace, a listening ear, and the warmth of a community that understands their fears.
  • Funding Research: Our hope lies in laboratories where scientists chase elusive cures. We fund their tireless pursuit—the late nights, the eureka moments, and the tears shed over data. Each dollar we raise is a beacon of possibility, a step closer to saving a child.
Join Us in This Symphony of Compassion
Imagine a world where no child faces the cold grip of cancer. Imagine playgrounds filled with laughter, not IV poles. Imagine futures rewritten, dreams reborn. It’s not just a dream; it’s our shared purpose.
Hope is our anthem, resilience our rhythm, and love our guiding star. Together, we’ll dance through the pain, brush away tears, and create a symphony of healing.
Join us, dear friend. Let’s color the canvas of childhood with hope, one step at a time.


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Grace Nalubega, Age 10
Grace Nalubega, a childhood cancer survivor, tearfully recounted, "Beating cancer was the toughest battle of my life, but it also made me the strongest I've ever been. Childhood Cancer Foundation Uganda was my guiding light through the darkest days. Their support and care lifted me up when I needed it most, and I'm forever grateful for their unwavering love."
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Robert Ssekajja, Age 13
Robert Ssekajja, a young cancer survivor, smiled as he shared, "I felt like a warrior when I beat cancer. Childhood Cancer Foundation Uganda stood by me every step of the way, providing not just medical support, but also emotional support that kept me going. Their dedication and kindness inspired me to fight harder, and I'm proud to say I'm a survivor today because of them."
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Sarah Namutebi, Age 5
Sarah Namutebi, a brave cancer survivor, spoke passionately, "Overcoming cancer was a victory I'll cherish forever. Childhood Cancer Foundation Uganda played an invaluable role in my journey to recovery, providing financial assistance, counselling, and a support system that felt like family. Their tireless efforts and commitment to helping children like me beat cancer are truly commendable, and I owe them a debt of gratitude."
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David Ongom, Age 8
David Ongom, a childhood cancer survivor, declared, "Defeating cancer was a triumph that changed my life forever. Childhood Cancer Foundation Uganda was my rock throughout the toughest moments, offering not just medical treatment, but also hope and encouragement. Their dedication to saving young lives is remarkable, and I'm honoured to have been one of the beneficiaries of their incredible work."


Uganda Cancer Institute Campus
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