Dinner In The Dark

Tue Nov 26, 18:00 - Wed Nov 27, 00:00


Save the Date -#Dinner in the Dark fundraiser on 26th November 2019 @ Sheraton Hotel

The ‘’2030 Agenda’’ on 17 sustainable development goals rely on the principle of “leaving no one behind”, Along the SDG,s is the convention on rights of persons with disability (2008) that exists as a collaborative approach to disability inclusion with the perspective of not viewing PWD as “objects” of charity, but rather as people with equal rights and capabilities. 

According to UBOS (2014), the population of visually impaired stands at 2,129,279 million and that the ideal reason we host the "Dinner in Dark "on 26th November 2019 at Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

Come be part of ‘’Dinner in the Dark’’ an illuminating dining experience. In this, there is nothing but darkness as we depict what blind or visually impaired people go through. Importantly we experience what blind people can do together as we fund-raise to initiate Dinner in Dark restaurant managed by them.

Come and we experience highly skilled, hospitable guides for guests because they’re already accustomed to working without relying on sight. The reasoning behind this dining in the Dark concept is that without one of the senses, every other sense is heightened, every touch is sensational. The dish is a delight, Flavors taste bolder and richer. When they turn off the lights, they dial up the experience.

Importantly come and we experience what blind people can do together. #Dinner In The Dark 2019 For tickets contact us on +256704568378, +256788580991, +256703876638 for online tickets please grab your ticket with our partners Quicket Uganda

Buy an Individual ticket @ 100,000/300,000 and a corporate @ 3 million or sponsor the event your contribution goes a big way in advancing Inclusion,

As you can see, no matter who you are, an individual, a community, an NGO, private sector, corporate company and government, everyone has a role to play, every action counts!

Thank you for supporting

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