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The play is about a man, ‘Scrooge’ who is mean, bad mannered, hates people and Christmas. But this is short lived when on Christmas Eve, he is visited by 4 ghosts. Firstly the Ghost of his late Business partner Jacob Marley to warn him of the three ghosts to come. He is then visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past to show him how he used to be a jolly person, Christmas Present, to show him the sadness that could be made into happiness by him and finally the Ghost of Christmas Future to show him what he will end up like if he doesn’t change his ways.

The Drama has many valuable lessons but most important of all, that Christmas is not just a day we spend money but a day to come together and make merry with family and friends and a day to ease the troubles of other people, especially those that can’t afford a decent celebration through giving and sharing.

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National Theatre Kampala

Runs from Sat 21 Dec 2019 at 3:00 PM

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A Christmas Carol